Prosperity Savings Accounts

Prosperity Savings Homebuyer Accounts

 Every $1 you saved will be matched times $4 up to $2,200

Benefits of the Savings Accounts

The EITC: Expanding Opportunity and Building Hope

"When I received the EITC, it helped A LOT. We were in a terrible situation. I was biking to school, my internship, my job, the grocery store, and finally back home in the dark. Being a full time student, having two part time jobs, and being a new father - is not a good thing when you're on a bike. Having the EITC expanded my income enough to buy a car." -James

United Way's New Financial Education Website

My Smart Money, United Way's new financial education website, launches Nov. 16, 2016, thanks to the generous funding provided by the Suntrust Foundation.